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At Dynac we maintain all types and sizes of Cold Stores and Freezers in onshore and offshore environments. Our onshore works involve looking after numerous systems located at Ministry of Defence facilities throughout the North of England. In addition to the ongoing maintenance of these systems we also supply and install new Cold Store and Freezer facilities. We can also provide portable units for use in an emergency or as a temporary measure whilst old systems are being replaced. 

These are normally trailer mounted and can be positioned hard standing as near as possible to the existing units. Where larger units are required we can supply a containerised system which can normally be craned into position using a mobile crane or possibly by Hi-Ab.

New Cold Stores and Freezers can be provided in all types of materials to suit clients specific requirements. All voltages can be accounted for and plant can be supplied suitable for hazardous area location.

Modular Stores

All our modular stores are designed for a plug and play operation and come complete with;

  • Insulation to suit operating condition
  • Shelving to suit clients layout
  • Lighting
  • Controls with temperature indication
  • Person trapped alarms and lock overrides Cooler
  • Condensing unit
  • On smaller stores the Cooler and Condensing units can be a packaged through the wall unit

Offshore locations

For offshore, stand alone Cold Stores and Freezers
can be provided in containerised form and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7.1. Standard container sizes can be provided and when required non standard sizes can be supplied to suit specific dimensions required.

Containers are supplied with standard offshore paint system and when required these can be manufactured from 316L stainless steel. Stores can be provided with ATEX and IEEC certified refrigeration equipment when location is in a hazardous area.