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In addition to the maintenance, installation and service operations provided by Dynac we also provide a comprehensive spares and material sourcing service. A whole range of spares can be supplied for all HVAC and Refrigeration systems along with spares for Architectural systems, Galley’s, Laundry’s and Sick Bays. 

Dynac can also offer a spares holding service where we keep materials at our facility and supply to the relevant sites as needed. We can also assist you in sourcing a whole range of materials not necessarily associated with HVAC, Refrigeration or Architectural. 

Manufacturers including  


On Architectural systems spares can be supplied for all the leading partitioning, door, ceiling and wet unit manufacturer’s. Spares can also be supplied for most Galley and Laundry equipment.

Our spares department can supply you directly with all leading manufacturer’s spares. Should any parts no longer be available we have our own manufacturing department which can assist in remanufacturing various items where possible.

For your spares and materials requirements please contact us.